A Life Transforming Venture

                                                      Hi, I'm Jay Cameron, author of the Surf Ninja Warrior series.

As a parent of three great children I know first hand the powerful influence stories have on children. So I'm excited to offer you the opportunity to read the first 3 chapters of Surf Ninja Warrior - The Two Wolves for FREE!

The PlotNiko lives in Aotearoa, New Zealand. At 12 he is a gifted surfer, and a blazingly fast martial artist.
Following a life-threatening surfing accident he receives guidance from his Granddad.
He is given a mission - to make a difference.

Will Niko overcome his fears?

Follow Niko's amazing journey in this first book of three.

As you follow Niko's life, learn about the essence of surfing, of what it takes to be a true warrior.

What will Niko's challenges mean for you?

Are you game to face your inner battles?

Niko's journey will give you much hope and help you to find your courage and make a difference!

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