Jay Cameron lives in Tutukaka, an idyllic coastal village nestled in a verdant valley leading down to a picturesque marina within a natural sheltered harbor allowing those with adventure in their hearts to journey out into the Pacific following in the wake of Maori canoes launched from the shores of Aotearoa centuries earlier.

Jay and his wife Nancy have three children with their eldest son, Cam, living in Tucson, Arizona, their eldest daughter, Laura living with her husband, Jace, in Tauranga, New Zealand, and their son Tim still living at home with them, in-between attending high-school and learning what life is about.

Jay is a surfer and is fortunate to have a number of local surf breaks within a few minutes’ drive from where he lives. Surfing has been in his blood for over 40 years. It is an integral part of his life.

Jay has also trained over the years in a number of martial arts, including Judo, Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Shaolin Kempo, as well as following resistance training, cardio and stretching programs to resist the ongoing effects of the pull of gravity and his love for ice cream!

Life for Jay is best described as being, ‘The Journey of Oneness’.

 As a seeker of Truth Jay came to see the Teachings of the major religions as one spiritual truth, and eventually was guided to the Teachings of Baha’u’llah, where the oneness of the Teachings of Buddha, Krishna, Muhammed, Christ and the Founders of all the major religions is championed and revered.

Jay sees material existence as being an element of our spiritual reality, with a denial of our spiritual consciousness being the major reason for whatever dysfunctional behaviour we unfortunately learn of, or experience for ourselves in our interaction with our fellow spiritual travellers.

Jay believes the purpose of life involves our becoming more aware of who we are.

This necessarily requires us to choose to fight our inner battles – our ‘two wolves’. These ‘sacred battles’ when fought with courage, determination and humility, result in a deep joy that reverberates throughout our lives regardless of the circumstances we each may find ourselves facing.

Conversely, Jay believes that when we choose not to fight our own private battles between our ego and higher self to avoid the pain of our inner tests, we then become at the mercy of our surface emotions, being battered by our relationships with others without a strong spiritual rudder which leads to our being like a boat adrift at sea, purposeless and of little use.

Jay therefore believes that the challenge that we each face is to live a life well-lived. And this requires us to seek spiritual enlightenment for the rest of our lives which means that we must take on with great joy the challenge of becoming better people - understanding that our journey never ends...

Please email Jay directly if you want to send him a message - he will then get back in touch.