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A Noble Warrior Character

Let’s talk about a, “noble warrior character” and how it relates to children.
In this day and age there appears to be only a few prominent leaders who display the qualities of a noble warrior.

What do I mean by someone with a “noble warrior character”?

Such a person will display such qualities as integrity, loyalty, honor, independence, responsibility, fortitude, determination, decisiveness, courage, confidence, justice, nobility, determination, endurance, self-discipline, while having a great deal of self-discipline and display considerable mercy.

In other insights we will look at and discuss these qualities in detail, and see how we can assist our children to be of strong character, which requires ourselves to be examples for our children to want to follow.

The Self Discipline of Martial Arts

Martial Arts is not everyone’s cup of tea. And there are many different reasons why people get into martial arts. I have trained in Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Shaolin Kempo. Our two sons at times trained with me, and one of the greatest benefits I witnessed was the degree of self discipline acquired by them, which has had a positive impact on their characters and attitudes.

Of considerable importance is the teacher who, when they have the right attitude can really make a significant difference in the learning children will achieve through their training – not only in terms of their increasing physical prowess, but particularly in their learning greater degrees of respect, humility, and gaining empowerment and self-discipline.

The Essence of Surfing

Surfing has been a major part of my life since I was about 12 years old. There are many different aspects to surfing that I love and none of them have anything to do with the surf competitions that the general public might watch.

For me, it is the connection with the ocean, the sense of gratitude from being immersed in such a beautiful environment, the freedom of expression where your mind, body and spirit are interacting with each amazing wave of energy pulsing through the ocean and providing an experience that is both beyond exhilaration and incredibly intimate.

How good you are depends on your natural abilities, how much training you do to be surf fit, and how often you can surf. But what really matters is how much you love it, how much it means to you, and no one knows that – other than yourself.

The photo in this blog is that of my daughter who has been surfing waves since she was about 5 years old. I am really happy to see more and more girls and young women getting into surfing, some of whom, like my daughter have reached a very high level of proficiency and are a joy to watch.

But, as I said above, what is fantastic about surfing is the depth of feeling, that sense of connection to nature’s incredible energy, and the “being in the moment” that happens as you are connected with the wave.

All It Takes Is A Split Second!

A split second earlier I was pumped, muscles firing with a hard as fins free snap top turn. ‘What! My front foot skids off my board. Not enough wax! The lip of the wave pummels me, slamming my head with a sickening crack into my board. I’m gone, lights out! Maia, seeing my body half submerged floating upside down in the ocean is desperate to reach me, paddling inhumanly fast, straining every nerve, screaming, ‘Help! Help!’ over and over…

Give Our Children Hope!

The Surf Ninja Warrior series follows the journey of Niko, who faces choices that dramatically shape his character and the path he travels...where a young reader will be able to explore various aspects of life and discover more about who they are and their limitless potential.

It is an exciting adventure that will build a sense of hope and purpose encouraging any young reader to have the courage to follow their dreams.